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It should be noted that we are not selling exclusive rights to distribute Precious Vodka® in any country or territory in the world. Any person offering territorial rights for sale claiming to act on behalf of the owners of Precious Vodka® are acting without authorization of the rightful owners. Precious Vodka® will be not responsible or liable for any losses that might occur due to entering in such agreements. Please contact the company directly for all inquiries. A list of authorized importers can be found in the “Distributors Section” of our official websites. We only sell Precious Vodka® to our licensed distributors and retailers. Please note that all alcohol sales in any country must be conducted in accordance with any regulations set by that regions authorized government agency.

Precious Vodka


 Jewel Lines Precious Vodka is going to change the perception of what vodka should taste like. Precious Vodka’s smooth, delicate texture and its surprisingly pleasant scent will evoke all your senses. Made by Jewel Lines, Precious Vodka is produced with the finest grade wheat, distilled six times and triple charcoal filtered, to ensure and deliver only the highest quality. Precious Vodka is made from natural spring water creating a drinking experience that truly redefines what an Ultra-premium vodka should be.

Precious Vodka is luxurious. Every bottle contains a beautiful natural gem stone from a collection of fully certifiable precious stones which include sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, and peridot. Drink with pleasure and ease and enjoy the gem stones’ special characteristic qualities. The gem stones are specially crafted so that customers receive only the finest genuine jewel stones, adding a unique quality to the overall experience that is only available when you purchase a bottle of Jewel Lines Precious Vodka.

Precious Vodka is unique. Extreme detail was used when creating the crystal shaped bottle and its beauty alone makes it stand out and turn heads. Great pride and care is taken to achieve the highest level of luxury in every bottle of Precious Vodka, produced in distilleries utilizing the most innovative German technology.

Precious Vodka is precious. The unique combinations of the smoothest ultra-premium Precious Vodka, the very best natural precious stone bottled in the most luxurious crystal shaped bottle will make you feel special every time.

Precious Vodka gets noticed. Perfect at the club or party, Precious Vodka evokes a sense of luxury and prestige. Bottle services will be redefined when people see the diamond shaped Precious Vodka bottles passing through. Behind the bar, on the shelf Precious Vodka stands out and gets noticed with its curious shape and super defined beauty.

We guarantee that Precious Vodka will satisfy all your senses. Come and experience the exceptional taste found only with Jewel lines Precious Vodka. Drink responsibly.

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